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Story behind Batik.Dots

We are a family with roots from Sri Lanka, living in USA (New Jersey).  Having been born and raised in Sri Lanka we were exposed to various styles and designs of batik textiles and there was a great passion to purchase handmade authentic Arts & Crafts (including Batik) from Sri Lanka made by Dreamers just like you and me.  We created this business to bring Items ethically sourced ONLY from Small and Medium Enterprises or Individuals to uphold & support Sri Lankan community born businesses.  All products are handmade and not created in bulk, therefore, if you see something and it's either out of stock or you need a large quantity... don't hold back. Just drop us a message and we will connect with you.

Bringing the Traditional Market Straight to Your Door


There are two types of batik: batik cap (stamped batik) and batik tulis (hand-drawn batik).

Batik Tulis is created by dripping wax in a pattern or design using a spouted tool called a canting. Once the wax has dried, the material is then immersed in dye and left to soak. The wax is then removed with boiling water after the dying process. This leaves the waxed area a different color, unaffected by the dye. The process is then repeated with different areas being waxed and dyed for complex multi-colored patterns. The number of colors is an indicator of how much work was required to create that design. It truly is a labor of love.

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